Which tubes should I extend outside the area I'm trying to cool?

On the back of the Zero Breeze Mark 2 are two tubes - one pulls air into the Zero Breeze and the other sends hot air out of the Zero Breeze.

At a minimum you should ensure the hot air tube is directed out of the space you are cooling.  You may also extend both tubes outside of the area you are cooling.

This assumes the Mark 2 is inside the space you are cooling.

Conversely, you may consider setting up your Mark 2 outside of the area you wish to cool, and use the cold air extension tube to direct cool air into the area you wish to cool.

Please see the airflow illustration video below for context:

You may also find the Zero Breeze Mark 2 unboxing and set-up video to be helpful in understanding the features and minimal set-up required to operate:

Additionally, if you purchase a PLUS package (one battery) or PLUS EXTRA package (two batteries) package you also receive a foam window cutout that you can use (as is, or by cutting/shaping to need size) to feed the rear tubes into or through a window frame.  Foam cut out measures 22.5" x 12".

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