Powering the Zero Breeze Mark 2 and Battery Charging

Every Mark 2 comes with an AC power adapter designed specifically for use with the Zero Breeze Mark 2.  This adapter enables you to operate your Mark 2 by plugging it into any standard AC outlet.  

[Download the Mark 2 User Manual]

A rechargeable lithium ion battery is included in the Mark 2 PLUS package, and the Mark 2 PLUS EXTRA package includes two rechargeable batteries.

Each battery gets you up to 5 hours of run time and includes (2) USB-A and (1) USB-C port to charge other electronic devices.  Battery performance and average run time is highly dependent upon the space being cooled and how well it is (or is not) insulated.  

[Download the Mark 2 rechargeable battery user guide]

Considerations for Operating and Charging

You can:

  • Run (power) your Mark 2 or recharge a battery using the included AC Adapter
  • Run (power) your Mark 2 or recharge a battery from a 24V power source using an optional DIY Adapter
  • Recharge a battery using the optional 12V / Car Adapter

You cannot:

  • Simultaneously charge a Mark 2 battery while using the same battery to power the Mark 2

So depending on the scenario you wish to prepare for - you may need:

  • An additional (or different) power adapter
  • One or multiple batteries

Common scenarios include:

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