Cleaning Zero Breeze Mark 2 air filter, exhaust inlet and outlet

Care and cleaning tips for the Zero Breeze Mark 2 can found on the last page of the Mark 2 User Manual [click to view].

One helpful tip that's easy to miss is to run the unit on fan mode, in a warm room, for 12 hours, prior to storing for an extended period of time.  Doing so will dry any remaining water in the exhaust hoses and prevent mold.

Additionally, as illustrated in the user manual, the screen on the front of the Mark 2 (air filter) and the two screens at the back of the unit (exhaust air outlet and exhaust air inlet) can be removed.

The front screen is rather easy to remove.  

The rear two screens require more finesse and a gentler touch.

A small flat head screwdriver or similar device can be slid through the grate and used to gently nudge the plastic frame (silver) away from the Mark 2 shell (black).

As you do so there will be a small separation between the components.  

Use your fingers to pull the (silver plastic) frame away from the shell and/or use the same flat-headed tool as a wedge to help separate and dislodge the grated cover.

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