Water Drainage Tube on the Mark 2 Portable Air Conditioner

Like all air conditioners, the Zero Breeze Mark 2 creates condensation (water) when it cools hot air.  The water collects inside the unit and drains out the the back, lower left side of the Mark 2.  

To ensure your Mark 2 does not leak water onto your surface, be sure to connect the water drainage tube that came with your unit, and run it into a bucket, sink, plant, etc.

The drainage tube can be seen in this photo, draining into the plant:

If you prefer video, click below to see the snippet of the unboxing video that shows the water drainage tube being connected:

When using your Mark 2 you will want to keep it level - unless you find that water is not draining completely from your unit (in which case, it's likely not level).  

In these situations we recommend tilting the front of your Mark 2 upward, anywhere from 5° to 10° - don't ever tilt the unit "face forward" or side to side.

For more information you may also wish to download the: Mark 2 User Manual [click to view].

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